The Professional Women, Women Executives and Business Women’s Forum (PROWEB) is a charitable trust whose principal objective is, “to bring together women executives, professional women and business women in various disciplines and occupations.

The Forum provides an opportunity to the women to grow personally and professionally through networking, educating, leadership, support and national recognition”.

PROWEB recognizes that there are many professional and successful business women out there but their successes have never been sung or tapped for the good of wider society. Part of the reason is the growing polarization of our society which in most instances excludes talent and initiative simply due to differences in political allegiances and affiliations. PROWEB aims to celebrate the successes and rich experiences of women in business and to use these and other resources to mentor and empower other women, especially the young, through development of the various skills which they require to enhance their potential.  In the process, because women play a central role in Zimbabwean society, this intervention will contribute towards the eradication of poverty, creation of jobs and wealth, and ultimately, to the growth and development of the nation. As Zimbabwe is now focusing on restoring its economy PROWEB not only wishes to contribute but to participate in the creation of wealth for all Zimbabweans, women included.

Our mission


To fulfill the twin objectives of women empowerment and national development, PROWEB provides the following principal products and services.


To influence Policy Development laws that promote the Economic and Social empowerment of women.


To build the capacity of women towards economic and social empowerment.

  • PROWEB organizes executive development programmes and workshops to address the special needs and challenges of women professionals and executives running business organizations.
  • Offers Entrepreneurship and Life Skills Trainings


  • To empower disadvantaged communities and instill a sense of dignity to oneself:-.


  • To facilitate investment creation opportunities for members


PROWEB provides a platform for women to network and interact through its monthly networking forums.

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