• Tineyi Hungwe

    Programmes Manager

    Tineyi Hungwe holds a BSc in Rural and Urban Planning and Masters in Gender and Peace Building with...

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  • Tarisai Likangala

    Administration and Membership Intern

    Tarisai Likanga, holds a BSC in English and Economic History from University of Zimbabwe.

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  • Catherine Nyatara

    Administration and Finance Officer

    Catherine Nyatara who holds a BSc in Sociology and Gender Development Studies and Certificate in...

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  • Fungai Maketo

    Project Assistant

    Fungai Maketo, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development studies with three years’ experience...

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  • Moira Ngaru

    Executive Director

    Moira Ngaru who holds a Master’s in Education and Rural Development with over 15 years experience...

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